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        Project: Van Brodie Mills - Arlington Point

        Location:  Lawrence, MA

        Project Type: Adaptive Reuse & Multi Residential 

        Owner: Trinity Financial 

        Architect: ICON Architecture

        Aberthaw construction recently completed the transformation of this two-building project. Originally built in 1919 the Van Brodie Mill began its life as a yarn and wool manufacturing plant. That wool and yarn would be used to make flannel. In the 1950’s it’s purpose had shifted into the production of food. This included the packaging of breakfast cereals and rations for the military. In the last 15 years the building had been vacant and left in very poor condition.

        The transformation process started in 2018 on the 140,000 sq ft main building and also at a second detached 4,000 sq building that was once used as an incinerator.

        The rebuild stayed with the accurate historic look and presented a building of 102-units made up of 8 studio, 25 one-bedroom, 56 two-bedroom, and 13 three-bedroom apartments, with two of the three-bedroom units located in the second building. The building also offers a fitness gym, indoor and outdoor child’s play area, and lounge area. Additional amenities are laundry services on each floor, key-less entry, video security and monitoring provided in each unit. 

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