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        Project: The Viewpoint at Bixby Crossing

        Location: Haverhill, MA

        Project Type: Multi-Residential

        Owner: Boston Andes Capital, LLC

        Architect: Cube 3 Studio

        This project included the partial renovation of the ground and first floor levels of this 12-story residential building. The ground floor was an open parking structure that was enclosed to provided and additional five units. Also added to the ground floor was a fitness center and resident lounge. On the first floor two residential units were added as well as renovation of two more. The existing leasing office and mail-room were also renovated and a staff room was added. The main building entrance was also relocated and a vestibule added to bring access to the building closer to Washington Street. Addition work was done on the exterior including the addition of a cantilevered deck, patio, and many landscape renovations. Total affected interior space: 23,510 sq. ft