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        Project: Merrimack Valley Golf Club

        Location: Methuen, MA

        Project Type: Club & Hospitality

        Owner: Merrimack Valley Golf Club

        Construction of a new 20,000 sq. ft. clubhouse represents the final phase of improvements in the redevelopment of the historic Merrimack Valley Golf Club, which opened as a Donald Ross design in 1907.  The new clubhouse features a variety of higher-end amenities including a members’ grille, fine dining in the Aurora room, and a grand ballroom suitable for weddings, banquets, and other formal events.


        In keeping with Aberthaw’s reputation as a solution-oriented contractor, this project was awarded by way of a lump sum bid that was converted to a negotiated GMP during post-bid negotiations. Significant value engineering was developed and integrated into the project in order to achieve the owner’s budget while maintaining the architects’ original design intent.  And proactive scheduling through the harsh New England winter ensured that the new clubhouse at the Merrimack Valley Golf Club was ready to welcome its members at the beginning of golf season.